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p2p VoIp Beta 1.1

A peer-to-peer voice-enabled LAN instant messenger
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p2p VoIp is a small free application that allows you to stay in touch with your friends on a local network. This is a peer-to-peer communication solution which can be used as a voice-enabled LAN instant messenger. The best thing about this way of communication is that this program doesn’t require any server to manage connections and allows you to work with up to five clients simultaneously.

The program has a simple interface with just two menus - "File" and "Help" (with some submenus like "Options" and "Change language"). The only settings you actually get to play with only allow you to enter your name and IP address, select your microphone and speaker devices and activate the program. On the main panel, you can adjust the sensitivity of your microphone and the volume of your speakers, and manage a whole contact list by adding, erasing, and renaming IP addresses and user names of your most frequently used contacts. From the contact list, you will also be able to know whether somebody you wish to talk to is online or offline.

The program is available in two languages: English and Russian.

Padma Pardhy
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